Greater Indianapolis is a forming community of the Mid America area of MKP USA and previously of the Indiana area. It was chartered January 10, 2017 with initial Community Coordinator David Bird. The Greater Indianapolis community includes Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan and Shelby counties in Indiana.

Contacts in Greater Indianapolis Community

Mid America
Greater Indianapolis
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Community Coordinator

Area/CommunityTitle/ContactStatus / Meets/PhoneOpen To / Email
Mid AmericaSpiritWarriorsIndyGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Mon in Indianapolis, IN 46226
Guests, Members, Visitors
Greater IndianapolisBarclay, Jonathan(317) 846-4121jbarclaygiraffe@gmail.com
Mid AmericaPhoenix WarriorsGroup is Public
Meets: Semi-Monthly on Wed in Indianapolis, IN 46250-2357
Guests, Members, Visitors
Greater IndianapolisFoster, Thomas(317) 695-8374argybargy10@comcast.net
Mid AmericaFROGMenGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Thurs in Indianapolis, IN 46220-4834
Guests, Members, Visitors
Greater IndianapolisRath, Michael(317) 938-1592michael.rath@gmail.com
Mid AmericaWild KnightsGroup is Public
Meets: on Mon in Indianapolis, IN 46205-1610
Guests, Members, Visitors
Greater IndianapolisRains, Darrell(317) 244-8862darains@hotmail.com
Mid AmericaDancing On The Edge I GroupGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Mon in Indianapolis, IN
Guests, Members, Visitors
Greater IndianapolisReynolds, Stephen(317) 345-3422indybear77@aol.com