About MKP Mid America

The ManKind Project USA Mid America Area was formed in 2017 with the merger of four ManKind Project USA Areas – Central Great Lakes, Indiana, Kentucky, and Memphis. Each of these Areas has a long and rich history in the ManKind Project USA – and will continue in the spirit of their geographical proximity and shared history.

  • Central Great Lakes: Windsor/Detroit became a Full Center of MKP in 1993. On 5/18/2013, the former Windsor/Detroit (US) Center became the first to officially complete the Unification process with MKP USA and become the Detroit Area. Officially adopted Central Great Lakes as its new name March 8, 2014.
  • Indiana: MKP-Indiana became a Full Center in 1992 and incorporated 10/20/2003. Signed Letter of Unification March 13, 2016 to officially become a unified area of MKP USA.
  • Kentucky: MKP-Kentucky held its first NWTA in 1994 and incorporated 12/21/1999. Signed Joint Statement of Intent to Unify 5/28/2013. Completed Unification 9/11/2013 with Letter of Intent to Unify to become a unified area of MKP USA.
  • Memphis: MKP-Memphis became a Full Center in 1992 and incorporated 2/16/2001. Signed Joint Statement of Intent to Unify 6/5/2012. Letter of Unification 3/9/2014 completion made Memphis a unified area of MKP USA.

The Mid America Area will continue to hold New Warrior Training Adventures in sites across the region, and share the administrative and organizational tasks.

New Warriors are invited to join the Mid America V-Group Email Lists (login required):

Mid America Info : https://mkpconnect.org/v-group/mid-america-info
Mid America Talk : https://mkpconnect.org/v-group/mid-america-talk


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