Welcome. If you’ve landed here, you’re probably a man looking to make a shift is his life, to grow more fully into what is possible. You’re at the right place. The ManKind Project USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, part of a global network called the ManKind Project International. For 30 years we’ve been helping men lead great lives.

We are building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.

Our mission is to create a safer world, by growing better men.

We do three things to accomplish our mission:

  • We provide cutting edge experiential training and leadership programs for men.
    • We will sponsor and run over 125 trainings this year in the United States.
    • We’ll support an additional 50-75 weekly follow-up programs to help men form new habits over time.
    • In 2012, close to 2,000 men will participate in our flagship training, the New Warrior Training Adventure, joining almost 50,000 other men who have taken this life-changing challenge over the last 27 years.
  • We support a growing and diverse network of peer-facilitated Men’s Groups.
    • MKP USA currently supports nearly 750 independent men’s groups [called ‘Integration Groups’ or ‘I-Groups’] in 34 communities.
    • We serve close to 7,000 men weekly or bi-weekly with ongoing peer-mentoring and men’s community.
    • Through our I-Group Council, we provide training, curriculum development, logistical support, best practices and communication tools for the men in our men’s groups.
  • We support men to develop, refine, and live missions of service in the world.
    • A primary outcome of the New Warrior Training Adventure is that a man envisions and writes a personal mission statement which emerges from his sense of what is most important to him, and how he is best suited to serve the world. Over time, men’s missions of service change to align with their life-stage, skills, and desire to have a broader impact. … read examples here
    • In our I-Groups we support and encourage group service work in local communities across the country.
    • Through our Mission Council, we promote, support, publicize, and celebrate men’s personal missions of service.
    • The ManKind Project has awarded over 200 Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards over the last 12 years recognizing men who have made significant contributions to their communities and the world by living missions of service. … meet some of these men here